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I'm a .NET Developer (usually) focused on web applications. I love learning and there's always something to learn in this industry. I program at work and then I program at home. All sides of the stack.
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Work experience
October, 2022 - Present


C# , .NET Framework/8 , ASP.NET (Core) , Cosmos DB , Azure Event Hubs , Azure Cache for Redis , Azure Key Vault , Azure Service Bus , Azure Cloud Services

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May, 2021 - September, 2022


C# , SQL Server , WCF , Entity Framework

Through the Toptal contracting platform.

Helped refactor and expand their web services (WCF) with new functionality and also assisted with maintenance on the main website. Additionally spent time on the support side, integrating new districts/schools into the application as well as investigating and fixing customer reported issues at the database level.

January, 2021 - May, 2021


C# , ASP.NET , SQL Server , Entity Framework , JavaScript , jQuery

Through the Toptal contracting platform.

Worked mostly on adding functionality to a large web application that deals with organizing and managing events, including virtual (live stream) ones.

August, 2020 - December, 2020


C# , ASP.NET , SQL Server , Entity Framework , Hangfire , Azure API for FHIR , JavaScript , AngularJS

My first Toptal client. A company that deals with wound imaging, documentation, and analysis. My first task was creating a dashboard with interactive charts that showed a high-level overview of patient and wound data.

Afterwards, I developed a solution that will allow multiple clients with separate databases to use a single hosted instance of the web application (multi-tenancy).

My biggest challenge came last when I worked to integrate the client's application with the HL7 FHIR standard for health care data exchange.

January, 2018 - February, 2020


C# , ASP.NET Core , WCF , WPF , Entity Framework (Core)

I worked on an enterprise application that deals with network planning for the telecom industry. My job revolved around developing and maintaining Restful APIs that provided additional functionalities and third-party integrations to the main desktop application.

I also spent much of my time developing a collection of internal libraries for efficient packaging and reading of network coverage data.

Our team was distributed (Macedonia/Norway) and Scrum based.

December, 2016 - December, 2017


C# , ASP.NET , SQL Server , Entity Framework , JavaScript , Durandal.js

I was a part of a distributed (Macedonian/English) team that worked on a large web application for managing insurance claims. We followed a strict Scrum methodology that helped us remain organized.

My daily work included full-stack development with all of the technologies listed above. We used Visual Studio Team Services to track our progress and we did code reviews to keep the technical debt to a minimum.

March, 2014 - December, 2016


C# , ASP.NET MVC , ASP.NET Web Forms , SQL Server , Entity Framework , PHP , Laravel , MySQL , JavaScript , jQuery

Worked on small to medium sized web applications built in PHP/MySQL or ASP.NET MVC/SQL Server. My responsibilities involved both back and front-end, sometimes including design. I worked extensively with CSS, JavaScript and jQuery and I also developed a plugin/theme pair for WordPress.

European University - Republic of Macedonia
2010 - 2013
Bachelor of Software Engineering (B.SE.)

I built multiple applications while I was a student and did a ton of essays as additional learning material.

My graduation project was a web application for auctioning written in PHP. The purpose was to explain all of the technologies involved in building a web application, from designing the database to writing the back-end code.

Honors & certifications
Professional Scrum Master I
May 2018

Earned the certificate by passing the Professional Scrum Master I assessment at Scrum.org. Doing so required a fundamental understanding of the theory behind Scrum as well as ways of applying it in the real world.

Student scholarship
February 2013
Macedonian Ministry of Education and Sciences

During my third year of IT studies, I was awarded a student scholarship of type B for students doing bachelor studies. The scholarship was awarded on the basis of an 8.1 grade average.